Poison Prevention Week March 19-25, 2017

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Top 10 List Of Pet Poisons

The Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) has just released an updated list of the Top Pet Toxins of 2016. Human prescription medications has taken the top spot for toxins most ingested by pets.

The APCC handled nearly 180,639 cases involving pets exposed to potentially poisonous substances in 2016. Human prescription medications accounted for nearly 17% of all cases at the APCC.

Ranked in order of call volume to the APCC involved the 10 following toxins:
1. Human Prescription Medications
2. Human Over-The-Counter Medications - Ibuprofen is still the number one medication the APCC receives calls about.
3. Human Foods 
4. Veterinary Products - over-the-counter supplements for joints and prescription pain medications made up a large portion of these cases.
5. Household Items - includes products like paint, glue and cleaning supplies
6. Chocolate
7. Insecticides
8. Rodenticides
9. Plants
10. Lawn/Garden Products - Many pets find fertilizers irresistible, so it’s incredibly important to store lawn and garden products out of  reach, and to supervise pets whenever they’re outside.

Remember to keep all medications out of the reach of your pets. Also, keep the household cleaners, pesticides, and other chemicals in a cabinet or on a high shelf that your pets cannot reach. For further information, visit aspca.org/apcc.