Sunday Boarding Pick-Up

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We are happy to offer our clients a Sunday pick-up and drop-off time, and we appreciate your patience and understanding during our scheduled Sunday times for pick up.  We understand how much you want to be reunited with your furry family member after being away from them, so we will continue to accommodate our clients with Sunday pick-up in any way that we can.

Please remember that you may pick-up or drop-off your pet between 6:00 pm and 6:30 pm on Sundays.  Occasionally, there is some confusion regarding our pick-up times on Sunday. We are not open on Sunday. However, we have staff members working much of the day to provide our patients with excellent care and to prepare your cherished pet for pick-up. 

Feeding, walking, cleaning cages, socializing, and making sure your pet is clean to go home takes several hours on Sunday. We are able to focus exclusively on these tasks, because we are not open.  This allows us to have Sunday pick-up, which many clinics do not offer. Having fewer staff members scheduled gives our staff much needed time off and reduces costs for you.

We ask that you honor our effort by please waiting until 6:00 pm to come for pick-up. Remember, if you cannot make it at that time, there is no additional cost when you pick up your pet on Monday. Thanks to you, our practice is flourishing in the Deer Creek Area. We are proud to be a member of the community and will continue to provide you with outstanding service. Again, thank you for letting us serve you and be a part of your family. We appreciate your patronage.


Dr. Bob Cross.