Animal Disaster Preparedness

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Animal Disaster Preparedness 

If you have lived in Oklahoma long enough, then you have probably experienced some form of adverse weather. It may have been a thunderstorm, a tornado, straight-line winds or an earthquake.

Moreover, I am sure you have seen and heard about the heartbreaking stories of the misplaced pets during the recent hurricanes in Florida and Texas.

We always hear the talk about being weather aware and weather prepared, especially during this time of year. Since pets react differently to storms and other stimuli, it is hard to determine how they will respond during a storm event.

1 out of 3 pets will go missing in their lifetime and most of these cases occur during weather emergencies. It is important that you take steps to protect your pet today.

What Would You Do? In the event of the unthinkable, be prepared and take the important first step of microchipping and registering your pet.


A microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and is encoded with a unique ID number that is assigned to your pet. No two microchips have the same ID number.

The microchip is placed between your dog's or cat's shoulder blades under a veterinarian's supervision. Implantation is quick, easy and virtually painless. It can be performed during a regular clinic visit.

A Microchip is Not a Tracking Device --It can be "turned on" for a few seconds at a time by a handheld microchip scanner. The scanner is passed over the area the microchip is implanted to read the microchip's unique ID number. Veterinarians and shelters use these scanners to help lost pets all the time.

Once your pet's ID number is registered with AKC Reunite, you will be connected to a Comprehensive Found Pet Notification System. When your lost pet is found, they immediately call, send you a text message and email. They begin reaching out to your alternate contacts on your pet's microchip registration record to help reunite you and your pet as quickly as possible.


Don't worry if you move, change jobs, or get a new mobile phone number. Your pet's microchip enrollment can be updated online or by email at no additional charge for as long as you own your pet.


---Before your pet has time to roam too far, immediately begin searching within a 2 mile radius from where your pet was last seen. Ask neighbors and friends to help.

---Contact AKC Reunite at 800-252-7894 to let them know that your microchipped pet is lost and to confirm your contact information is up to date.

---Don't delay! Contact your local shelters, humane societies and the police to report your pet missing with an accurate description of your pet, including: coat; size/weight; age; ear type. Continue to call shelters on a daily basis since shelter staff can change from day to day.

---Expand your search and visit local shelters and humane societies to see of your pet is there on a daily basis. Stay optimistic and REMEMBER, if your pet is microchipped, the chances of your pet returning increase Dramatically.

In Oklahoma, weather related disasters can strike at any time. Don't be caught unprepared. Displaced pets during tornados and storms is common, so please get your pet microchipped today. You will have a greater chance of being reunited in the event that you and your family are affected and you become separated from your pets.

We can microchip your pet during your next visit. Contact us today for more information and visit