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  • Two Thumbs Up

    "I want to take some time and let people know how great Deer Creek Animal Clinic in Edmond really is! They have been unbelievable to my pet. My dog was unfortunately hurt when we picked  her up from a boarding facility, while away on vacation. Dr. Cross has taken exceptional care of her:) We can't tell you how much we appreciate all he has done for her. It's obvious how much he cares. He has been very kind and generous throughout this whole process. My family and I are new to this area so when we found this vet, we were thrilled! I can't thank Dr. Cross and his staff enough for being so wonderful to us. Two thumbs up for this clinic!!" Wende M., Edmond, OK
  • Thank You Dr. Cross

     "I just wanted to say THANK YOU Dr Cross. Parker would like to say Thank You as well. He walks down to the edge of the driveway with me everyday to get the mail (not any more) and for some reason took off across the street. On the way back across the street I could see it and do nothing and BAM, Parker was hit. Not too bad as he lived to tell the tale but a rather nasty cut over his eye was all the damage. I called you IMMEDIATLEY and it was after hours. You didn't even flinch. You said I will meet you there in 10 minutes. You were very kind, courteous and comforting. I felt horrible enough for us all. Parker has had a tough go with all his tumors , hit by a car and you are always kind and courteous every time I bring him in to check another tumor. You say the same thing; NOPE TODAYS NOT THAT DAY... His eye looks great, also just like you said it would and honestly I had my doubts. It looked like he went a couple rounds with Mike Tyson. People who deal with the public don't always get the accolades that go with the job, and I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you and helping Parker. I know the time will come when the tumors will take over and you will say TODAY IS THE DAY......I don't look forward to that day, but I know that he will have had more time than maybe others would have given him. We all take for granted what you have to do when that day comes, its not only tough on us ,but Im sure its tough on you as well. I cant imagine that being part of my job. Another part taken for granted. So...... Thank you to you and your kind, courteous and accommodating staff. Parker, Mandy ( stick wedged in the roof of her mouth), Katy, and Emma all thank you." Kind Regards, Lance W.
  • Thank you Lyric

    I brought my dogs in for their first grooming with Lyric, and I was so happy with the results! Lyric had so much patience and treated my dogs with love and kindness. Just what a pet owner is looking for!
    The dogs looked great, and they were both ready to play when I picked them up.
    It is great to find a groomer that I know I can trust. Thanks again Lyric. We will be back!